From Tradition to Innovation

Don Lisander is a historic restaurant opened in 1947, in the heart of Milan, a hundred steps from Teatro alla Scala. It is named after Alessandro Manzoni, affectionately called by the Milanese, Don Lisander. The inner hall is located in what was once the chapel of Palazzo Trivulzio, whose magnificent garden is still visible from the patio of the restaurant open for lunch and dinner throughout the summer season.

Our Proposal

Golden octopus, roman cabbage, seasoned robiola cheese and sweet tomato
€ 26,50
Vegetable tartare, mustard and fried spring onion
€ 22,50
Veal with tuna sauce and capers
€ 24,50
Selection of Culatello Spigaroli cold cut
€ 30,00
Marinated deer carpaccio, coffee and cumin, mountain pine and red berries
€ 28,50
Traditional Milanese meatballs and potato cream
€ 24,50
Egg poche, potatoes, asparagus and casera cheese
€ 24,50
Buttons shape pasta filled with cacciucco and caviar
€ 28,50
Spaghetti with turnip greens, Stracciatella, seasoned tomato and taralli
€ 22,50
Milanese Risotto
€ 24,00
Tagliatelle with cocoa and black boar
€ 26,50
Milanese veal cutlet
€ 35,00
Ossobuco with milanese risotto
€ 38,00
Veal cheek with sauce, pumpkin and glazed chestnuts
€ 36,00
Piedmont beef filet, potatoes, thyme, rosemary and demi glace
€ 38,00
Cod breaded with panko, potatoes and turnip greens
€ 33,00
Grouper, fish soup and celeriac, black garlic and basil tapioca
€ 36,00
Zabaglione with raspberries
€ 12,50
€ 12,50
€ 12,50
€ 12,50
€ 12,50
€ 10,50

Wine cellar

The Don Lisander wine cellar offers its customers only the most prestigious Italian wine products. Around 250 labels enrich the wine list, divided by regions, to create the perfect combination enhancing every single dish.



Give an experience at Don Lisander where you can decide together with our staff the menu or the price of the dinner to give to your loved ones.


During the spring and summer season we offer evenings with live music or tasting menus.


We set up the location with particular attention to details, creating harmony between the place and your personality, in which reigns a perfect atmosphere that will allow you to spend unique moments together with your loved ones.

Via Alessandro Manzoni, 12/A
20121 Milano MI

Open everyday

12.30 – 15.00 / 19.30 – 23.00
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Tel: +39 0276020130

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